1.      CATEGORIES OF MEMBERSHIP: There shall be three (3) types of membership in the Association.  All members shall be entitled to attend the Annual Conference and to participate in all NAVUB activities with exceptions as stipulated in this Article III.  The types of membership are as follows:

a)      INSTITUTIONAL PROGRAM MEMBERSHIP:  Only VUB Projects shall be eligible for institutional program membership.  Any professional staff member, as verified by the Director of the relevant VUB Project, of an institutional program member, whose current year’s membership dues are paid, will be allowed to vote on all NAVUB business matters where a full membership vote is required.  Additionally, senior institutional TRIO directors who are the direct, first, and immediate supervisors of the VUB project personnel will also be eligible to participate in all NAVUB matters, including full membership voting.  Such voters, as described herein, will all be referred to as institutional members.

b)      AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP:  Individuals, institutions, organizations and/or agencies which are supportive of the purposes of NAVUB shall be eligible for affiliate membership.  Affiliate members, or their representatives, as applicable, shall not be allowed to vote or to hold office.

c)      HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP:  This membership will be bestowed on individuals, institutions, organizations or agencies whose special concern or services have benefited veterans or NAVUB.  The bestowing of this honorary life membership shall take place after a majority affirmative vote of the institutional members.  Honorary life members, or their representatives, as applicable, shall not be allowed to vote or to hold office.

2.      MEMBERSHIP DUES:  Membership dues shall be payable on or before January 1st of each year and shall be delinquent after that date.  Dues shall be valid for only one year.  Only institutional members whose VUB Projects have paid their dues shall be allowed to vote.  The amount of NAVUB membership dues is as follows:

Institutional      --          $150.00

Affiliate           --          $  25.00

 Dues and other fees may be fixed or changed at the Annual Conference by a majority vote of the institutional members.

3.      MEETINGS:

a)      ANNUAL MEMBERS MEETING:  A meeting of the members (the “Annual Members Meeting) will be held during the Annual Conference for such purposes as: electing officers, considering proposals from the membership and adopting resolutions for actions to be taken by the Association during the year, reviewing the Annual Report, as well as reports from the Treasurer and commissions, and selecting upcoming conference sites.  Voting at the Annual Members Meeting shall be by simple majority of the institutional members in attendance whose institutional program membership is in good standing, having paid the current year’s membership dues.  No notice is required to be delivered to members prior to the Annual Members Meeting because all members will be notified of the Annual Conference at which the Annual Members Meeting will be held.

b)      SPECIAL MEETINGS:  Special meetings of the members may be called at any time by the President, the Board or a majority of the institutional members.  Upon written request of any person or persons entitled to call a special meeting, the Secretary shall (a) fix the date and time of the meeting, which shall be held not more than thirty (30) days after receipt of the request, and (b) give notice thereof to each of the members who are then in good standing.  If the Secretary neglects or refuses to fix the meeting date or give notice, the person or persons calling the meeting may do so.

c)      QUORUM:  A quorum for the conduct of business at the Annual Members Meeting or any special meeting of the members shall consist of institutional members representing a majority of the institutional program members of record at the time the meeting is called, as determined and confirmed by the Secretary.

d)      ORGANIZATION: Every meeting of the Members shall be presided over by the President or, in the absence of the President, the Vice President.  In the absence of the President and the Vice President, the Board shall appoint a presiding chairperson from among the institutional members, subject to approval by a majority of the institutional members present at the meeting.  The Secretary or, in his or her absence, a person appointed by the presiding officer shall act as Secretary.


a)      Any member’s membership may be suspended or terminated for refusing or failing to comply with these bylaws.  Suspension or termination shall be by majority vote of the institutional members present at a special meeting called by the Board for such a purpose and at which a quorum is present.  To be eligible for suspension or termination, a member shall receive notice from the Secretary no less than thirty (30) days before such a meeting is called.  Such notice shall specify the place, date and hour of such a meeting, and shall state the grounds for the proposed suspension or termination.  The notice shall also advise such member of his, her or its rights to appear at such a meeting and be heard.

b)      The Secretary shall also notify in writing the relevant member of any suspension or termination decision.  That notice shall also advise such member of his, her or its right to appeal such suspension or termination decision.  A member upon notification of suspension or termination shall have the right to appeal either (i) in writing to the Secretary or (ii) by appearing at a hearing conducted by the Board.