Membership Information

Membership is renewed each January 1st and must be paid prior to the conference in the spring. Membership is per program, not per individual staff member.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Free Copies of the NAVUB Newsletter;
  • Membership in the NAVUB Listserv where most of the NAVUB information is shared;
  • The privilege of voting in all NAVUB elections and procedural votes;
  • Motivational perks and awards at conferences;
  • Share information from the Association about important news and events that might impact Veterans Upward Bound;
  • The right to serve on NAVUB committees or hold a NAVUB Office;
  • Participating in actions to influence national policy regarding VUB projects; The right to have your project included in the national VUB brochure and to be able to download a .doc or .pdf version suitable for local reproduction of more brochures

 NAVUB Listserv

If you are a member of NAVUB and wish to join the listserv, send an e-mail request to Ken Mela at .