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2023 NAVUB Scholarship Raffle

We are seeking prizes for the NAVUB scholarship raffle! This raffle is fully powered by the NAVUB membership, from the donated prizes to the purchasing of raffle tickets. Every dollar raised in the raffle goes right back into the NAVUB scholarship which is awarded to six deserving VUB veterans every year. We hope you consider donating a prize along with the purchase of raffle tickets during the conference! Popular items in the past have been items that people pick up that are local and specialized to their hometowns or states. Other considerations for raffle prizes are to keep in mind that many who fly need to be able to travel with their items.
Also, a reminder for our newer staff that program funds should not be spent on raffle items. If you are donating VUB branded items, be sure that your program funds have not paid for them! While VUB items are always popular, we do not want our programs to have unallowable costs because of the raffle! Raffle prizes should be dropped off by the start of the NAVUB conference in April. If you have any questions reach out to conference fundraising committee: Michelle (, Frances (, or Gerard  
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