NAVUB Auction is Live!

All auction proceeds go to our NAVUB Scholarship Fund.

Please click on and browse through the auction gallery found at Each item currently up for auction has an eBay link in the description. As items sell, we will be listing more. So if you still haven’t had the chance to donate to the auction, it’s not too late!

What can you donate? Here are a few ideas: items that can be submitted electronically such as gift cards for online shopping, takeout at restaurants, homemade items, or items from your program (T-shirts, mugs, smaller things that can ship easily.) The sky's the limit!

If you are interested in donating to the Online Auction, we will need at least one picture and description of each item. A starting bid price would be helpful, too. Please send all pictures and descriptions to Adine Stormoen at .

Registration for the NAVUB Conference is NOT required to donate and/or participate in the Online Auction. The Online Auction will be available for everyone to bid and monitor, regardless if you register for the Conference or not. When you donate, you will be responsible for shipping your item(s) to the lucky person who wins the bid on your donated item(s).

If you have any questions about the Online Auction, please contact Chris Wolf at

--NAVUB Auction Committee

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