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2023 NAVUB Technology Commission Report

Commission Chair: Adine Stormoen

Members: William Ballard, Marshall Loomis, Kima Murry


  • New Listserv

    • This year, the Technology Commission explored new ways to facilitate group communication.  NAVUB had been using a Yahoo Listserv for many years, but when this was discontinued, communication was moved to the NAVUB website’s forum/discussion feature, as we did not want to incur additional expense to the association for a paid listserv. That said, it became apparent that this was not an ideal solution so this year we researched several other systems.  We settled on a GoogleGroup, which is free of charge and appears to be working very well for NAVUB. 

  • 2022 Conference

    • The Technology Commission supported the 2022 hybrid Conference in Tucson, AZ.

  • Changes to the Website

    • This year, some small changes to the website were made, including the inactivation of the discussion board


Commission Goals

  • Website Redesign

    • While the commission acknowledges the functionality of the NAVUB website, the commission plans on doing a complete overhaul of the website’s design to implement a more modern look.  We also hope to include images from all of your amazing programs, rather than using stock images.  We will be soliciting programs for pictures to include on the site. 

  • Increase Membership

    • For next year, we’d like to increase membership so that during the next conference in Reno, we have a small team of people able to assist conferencegoers with their technology needs.  

  • Work Collaboratively with other Commissions

    • The Technology Commission already works very collaboratively with many other commissions and NAVUB areas.  This year we would like to assist other commissions as they digitize old materials, post on social media, and so much more.  

  • 2023 Conference Support

    • Next year, we would like to have a small team working together to support the technology needs of those attending the 2024 conference in Reno, Nevada. This team may choose to be a regular part of the Technology Commission, or a team who works with us during the time leading up to and including next year’s conference.  

Thank you on behalf of the NAVUB Technology Commission! 

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