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Types of Members

There are Three Types of Membership in the Association.

a)  INSTITUTIONAL PROGRAM MEMBERSHIP:  Only Veteran Upward Bound Projects can be an institutional membership.  Any professional staff member, as verified by the Director of the relevant VUB Project, of an institutional program member, whose current year’s membership dues are paid in full is allowed to vote on all NAVUB business matters where a full membership vote is required.  



Additionally, senior institutional TRIO directors who are the direct, first, and immediate supervisors of the VUB project personnel will also be eligible to participate in all NAVUB matters, including full membership voting.  Such voters are also referred to as institutional program members.

b)   AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP:  Individuals, institutions, organizations and/or agencies which are supportive of the purposes of NAVUB are eligible for affiliate membership.  Affiliate members, or their representatives, as applicable, are NOT allowed to vote or to hold office. Annual dues must be paid yearly.

c)   HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP:  This membership is bestowed on individuals, institutions, organizations or agencies whose special concern or services have benefited veterans or NAVUB. The bestowing of this honorary life membership takes place after a majority affirmative vote of the institutional members.  Honorary life members, or their representatives, as applicable, are NOT allowed to vote or to hold office.

Membership is renewed each year by paying annual dues and must be paid prior to the Annual Conference that typically occurs in the spring. Membership is per program, not per individual staff member.

Benefits of Membership

  • Free Copies of the NAVUB Newsletter

  • Membership in the new NAVUB Blog where NAVUB information is shared

  • The privilege of voting in all NAVUB elections and procedural votes

  • Motivational perks and awards at the National Association of Veterans Conferences

  • Share information from the Association about important news and events that might impact Veterans Upward Bound

  • The right to serve on NAVUB committees or hold a NAVUB Office

  • Participating in actions to influence national policy regarding VUB projects

  • The right to have your project included in the national VUB brochure and to be able to download  .doc or .pdf versions suitable for local reproduction

  • All members shall be entitled to attend the Annual Conference and to participate in all NAVUB activities with exceptions as stipulated in this Article III.

For NAVUB Listserv

If you are a member of NAVUB and wish to join the Google Group Listserv, please send an e-mail request to the NAVUB Technology Commission at

Institutional Membership
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