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The Archives Commission is charged with storing and safeguarding the business and historical documents of the Association, i.e. NAVUBPP articles of incorporation and bylaws, voting records, records of agreements with other organizations and individuals, annual reports, etc. The commission will keep historically correct and complete tax records, financial records, and reports, and other information as directed by the Board.
CHAIR:    Lisa Schley, University of Kansas  (913) 321-5512

Co-Chair:    Dr. Steven Mutz
Members:    Kelly Fitzpatrick, James Hawthrone

The Conference Commission, chaired by the Conference Commission Chairperson, shall coordinate and organize all aspects of the Annual Conference.  The commission shall be assisted by Association members representing the host region.  The Conference Commission shall be responsible for conference activities such as awards, workshops, registration, arrangements for local travel, hotel reservations, and the development and finalization of the Annual Conference agenda.
Chair:          Lisa Thompson, University of Texas, Arlington

Co-Chair:      Dr. John Woods
Members:  Holly Branscum, Robb Gregg, Gerard Laborde, Linda Morris, Carlos Munoz, Chevonne Neal, Jennifer Patillo, Beatrice Turpin-Peak, Juan Soto, Jen Waden,

The Development Commission will research possible funding sources for Association projects and identify funding resources, develop proposals and organize fund-raising efforts.
Chair:        OPEN
Co-Chair    OPEN
Members:    Holly Branscum, Linda Cockrell

The Education Commission shall be responsible for research (which includes gathering, studying and summarizing information) concerning all aspects of veterans’ education counseling and related programs.  The chairperson of this commission shall establish liaisons with NAVUBPP members and other institutions, organizations, agencies or individuals involved in educational activities and other services relevant to veterans.
CHAIR:    Dr. John Woods, Pensacola State College (850)484-1715

Co-Chair    Elisa Washington
Members:    Curtis Addleman, Bill Garvey III, Orville Johnson,  Meghan Mixon, Jen Waden


The Financial Affairs Commission shall develop the proposed annual budget for the Association and submit the proposed budget to the Board for approval.  The Financial Affairs Commission shall also be responsible for establishing and maintaining the Association’s fiscal policies and procedures and for monitoring all fiscal matters pertinent to the Association’s activities.  The Treasurer shall be a member of this commission.  Three (3) additional members will be nominated for appointment, one (1) by the Treasurer and two (2) by the President. Such additional members will be confirmed and appointed by the Board.
CHAIR:    Janet Young, West Hills College (559)925-3216
Members:    Audra Allen, Linda Cockrell, Linda Morris, Matthew Wohlberg


The Legislative Commission shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining a working relationship with governmental/political offices and staff for the purpose of encouraging legislation on behalf of veterans; provided, however that the expenses associated with such activities and any other activities that may be considered lobbying shall not exceed 20% of the Association’s total expenditures.  The Legislative Commission shall keep the Board and NAVUBPP members well informed of legislative actions affecting veterans.  The Legislative Commission shall be chaired by the Vice President.
CHAIR:    Rob Gregg, Pensacola State College (850)4 84-1438
Members:    Kevin B, Gage Dowling, Stacia Lyday, Carlos Munoz, Elizabeth Preayer, Channel Clivens-Smith


The Membership Commission shall initiate and coordinate a four-year membership drive beginning in year one (1) of a grant cycle, maintain membership records and issue membership certificates.  The Membership Commission will prepare, maintain, and distribute the annual membership directory, as well as maintain a current set of members’ address labels ready to ship to other officers or commissions upon request, provide membership information about the Association to new and prospective VUB Projects, encourage all eligible VUB Projects and other persons to join the Association and maintain an up-to-date list of members.  The Membership Commission shall, having coordinated with the Secretary, keep a record of the names and addresses of the institutional members entitled to vote.  The Chairperson of the Membership Commission shall prepare a semiannual list of membership changes (i.e. members that have been added or removed during the period since the prior list was prepared) to be provided to any institutional member upon his or her request.
CHAIR:    Beatrice Turpin-Peek, Prince George Community College (301)546-0576
Co-Chair:    Jen Waden
Members:    Amy Ortiz, Jennifer Patillo, Jill Triplett

The Nominations & Elections Commission is charged with the responsibility of identifying and selection a slate of candidates who have agreed to serve, if elected.  The Nomination and Elections Commission will circulate the slate of officer candidates to the entire membership, in conjunction with notice of the Annual Conference, at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Conference.  Such notice of the Annual Conference shall also include the time and place of the election.

CHAIR:    James Hawthrone, Metropolitan Community College (531) 622-4718


The Public Relations Commission serves the organization by preparing a newsletter to members and by preparing or promotional aids for the organization.
CHAIR:    Juan Soto, Texas State University (512)716-4029
Members:    Rob Gregg, Linda Cockrell


The Scholarship Commission is in charge of the oversight of the annual NAVUBPP scholarship competition.  This commission shall select NAVUBPP scholarship winners based on established criteria approved by the Board of Directors and the membership of the Association.  
CHAIR:      Gerard Laborde, Southeastern Louisiana University  (985) 549-3386
Members:    Don Campbell, Jeff Detrick, Jesus Rios, Janet Young



The Technology Commission is charged with identifying, evaluating and recommending adoption of technological devices, methodologies, etc.  This commission will maintain the NAVUBPP website and listserv and assure that only members or key affiliates have access. 


Chair:  Adine Stormoen, Truckee Meadows Community College, (775) 673-8272

Members :  William Ballard, Rob Gregg, Kima Murry, Jen Waden, Elisa Washington

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