Scholarship Guidelines
  • The Scholarship Commission will annually review procedures and accept recommendations to improve the National Scholarship application process. This will be done via the Internet and should be completed before the end of the calendar year.

  • The Commission Chair will provide the NAVUB Webmaster with a copy of the Nomination Packet annually. Projects may download the packet from on the NAVUB website.

  • Each project with a current NAVUB membership is encouraged to submit a nomination.

  • Deadline for submission of the Nomination Packet to the Scholarship Commission Chair to be determined.

  • A Nominator must be a staff member of a current NAVUB member program and will be responsible for submission of the completed application and other required materials. Incomplete packets will not be considered.

  • Nominees must have participated in the Veterans Upward Bound project from which the nomination is being made and meet all eligibility criteria listed in the Nomination Packet.

  • Each Director of a sponsoring project must show approval and verification of the required materials by his/her signature on the submitted application.

  • The Scholarship Chair will provide each Scholarship Commission member with copies of all eligible Nomination Packets.

  • Each packet will be reviewed and rated by members of the Scholarship Commission. If a scholarship commission member’s program submits an application, or a member is related to the Nominee, that member(s) will not score the application. He or she shall recuse him/herself from any participation in the preliminary selection rounds that potentially could move the veteran into the final selection process.  The Commission Member will recuse him/herself from the entire review and selection process if a relative is selected as one of the Finalists.  The Scholarship Commission Chair will replace the recused Commission Member during the selection process. 

  • The Letter of Nomination; the Letter of Recommendation; financial need; academics; activities/achievements; and the student essay will each be rated on a scale of 1 to 5, (with 5 being the highest).

  • It will be the responsibility of each Scholarship Commission Member to share his/her tabulated score with all other Commission Members.

  • The Scholarship Commission Chair will tabulate and verify the results with the other Commission Members and forward the winners’ names to the NAVUB President.

  • Winners will be announced at a date to be determined.

  • The Scholarship Commission Chair will provide the NAVUB webmaster with biographies and photos of each winner to be posted on the NAVUB web page. The same information will also be furnished to the editor of the “NAVUB Newsletter” and to the winners’ hometown newspapers for publication.

  • The Scholarship Commission Chair will notify the NAVUB Treasurer upon verification of fall enrollment of the Scholarship winners in order to issue scholarship checks.

  • The Scholarship Commission Chair will maintain files of each year’s applications, score sheets, procedures, annual report, and pertinent documentation relative to the selection process. Applications may be destroyed after three years.